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Dj Maz gained interest in the art of djing in the late 1980's listening to the likes of "Fresh MixMaster Jam" on Magic 108, (Wkmjm) St. Louis. With a handfull of 12" singles and some dj gear, Dj Maz started blending songs together. Guest mixing at the local teen club in Springfield, IL. "The Ace Of Clubs", Maz got his first start. Relocating to the Chicago suburbs in 1988, Dj Maz continued making mix tapes, winning dj competitions, and mixing at parties. Then in 1990 it was off to Illinois State University. After a couple more contests (including meeting MC Search from 3rd Bass at a house party.....strange?), Dj Maz started working at the local clubs. Spankys, Tuxedo Junction, and even Rocky's, launched Dj Maz's reputation to get him a positition on Wbnq's "Club 101" mixshow as "The Music Machine's Midnight Mega-mix". Mixing club and house music with the area's best dj's like Smooth Ed, Dirty Ernie, Beachman, Mike D, and Scotty V, the best parties were always nearest to Dj Maz.

Following Dj Smooth Ed, Dj Maz relocated back to the Chicago area in the early 90's. Then came the Chicagoland club scene. Crickets, Jaguar's, Hurricane's, Sal's, Galway, City Streets, Alumni Lincoln, Alumni Division, Snuggery, Alumni Schaumburg, Cadilac Ranch, Faces, Whitestar, Crystal, De-Ja Vu, Heartland, Excaliber, Aura, The Playground, Red Star, Mother's, Tommy O's, The Big Easy, The Hideout, The Wild Olive, Brass, Good Times, The Coach House, Fire Bar, America's Bar, Boogie Nights, Caps, On Q, Bamboo Room, Pop's, North Beach, and The Cubby Bear are just some of the rooms Dj Maz has controlled. Working along side the best dj's in chicago (too many to list, besides, they know who they are...), Dj Maz has been part the best clubs in the area.

Along with the clubs came radio. In Dj Maz's career, his mixes have aired on Club 101 (101.5 Bloomingdale/Normal), B-96's Street Flava (96.3 Chicago), Energy's Clubland Wireless (live dj booth broadcast, 92.7+5 Chicago), Power 92 (92.3, Peoria). Dj Maz also created introductions for B-96's "Dog Pound" and "The 9 Most Wanted" which ran for about 3 years. Add a couple house tracks released on Energetic Sounds, a multitude of mobile shows, and personal remixes, Dj Maz has a full range of versitality.

In the beginning of 2000, Dj Maz hooked up with Visiosonic. Beta testing their premere Mp3 dj software, Pc Dj, Dj Maz was one of the pioneeres of the Mp3 movement. Later, hooking up with Serato ScratchLive , Dj Maz gained the ability to bring turntablism and "the mix tape feel" back into the live shows. - Don't miss Dj Maz's next show!